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An Inside Look at What Happens to Your Vehicle’s Engine Without a Timely Oil Change

Most Etna Green, IN, drivers wait until the last minute to get an oil change. Though it is possible for your vehicle to run 7,000 or more miles without an oil change, it is better to be safe rather than sorry as oil is the lifeblood of the engine. Choose Mast Service Center for oil change services and our mechanic will have your vehicle ready to roll for another worry-free 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Fail to have your oil changed at the optimal intervals and the problems detailed below will inevitably occur.

1. Total Engine Failure

Wait more than 7,000 miles to have your vehicle’s oil changed and you run the risk that the engine will be compromised. Replacing your engine won’t be cheap. There is no sense spending several thousand dollars for an entirely new engine when you can get an oil change once every couple months for significantly less money. Don’t let your vehicle’s engine oil reach the point at which it becomes sludge-like. If the oil becomes thick, it will fail to remove heat from the components of the engine and possibly cause it to completely shut down.

2. A Warping of the Engine Components

Suppose the oil in your engine is old. In that case, it won’t remove heat, meaning there won’t be sufficient lubrication, ultimately causing the engine components to grind against one another to the point of warping or even destruction. Warped engine components will eventually cause the engine to completely stop working, prompting the need for a costly replacement.

3. Inefficient Operation

Your vehicle’s engine needs oil for lubrication and also to remain clean. Debris and dirt-trapping additives will become trapped within the oil filter as time progresses. Our oil change services are here to replace the oil filter in a timely manner, ensuring you can take to the road without worry.

4. A Voiding of the Vehicle Warranty

It is imperative that you have your vehicle’s oil changed in accordance with the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Fail to have the oil changed at these recommended intervals and you’ll run the risk of voiding the warranty, ultimately leaving you in a deep financial hole should you need a repair or replacement.

5. A Blown Head Gasket

Blown head gaskets will make it difficult or even possible to continue driving. Fixing a head gasket that blows will be quite expensive. It might even be necessary to replace the entirety of the engine after a head gasket blows, all because you failed to change the oil. You’ll spend a fraction of what it costs to replace your vehicle’s engine when having the oil changed at Mast Service Center.

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