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RV Alignments in Etna Green, IN

Many RVs come right out of the factory with alignment issues. You can also knock the alignment out on your RV by hitting a pothole or even rubbing against a curb too hard. Just regular driving can alter the alignment over time. And, if certain parts on the suspension fail, it will cause the alignment to be out. Driving with a misaligned vehicle further wears the tires and it could affect the handling of your RV as well.

If you notice that the alignment is off on your RV, schedule an appointment with RV alignments mechanic at Mast Service Center. He’ll set you up on our Hunter alignment rack.

RV Alignments Service at Mast Service Center in Etna Green, IL. image of Berea RV on Hunter ForceMatch heavy duty alignment machine in shop bay

Signs of RV Alignment Issues

You can sometimes tell if your RV is out of alignment by looking at the tires. If the tires are worn on either side of the tread, the alignment is out. We will have to put your RV on the alignment rack to determine the reason it is out of alignment.

A crooked steering wheel is another sign that your RV is out of alignment. If you are driving straight, but the steering wheel is off-kilter, your RV needs an alignment and / or suspension work.

A vehicle that wanders is another sign of misalignment, as is pulling to the left or right. Finally, cupping tires is also a sign of misalignment or tire balance issues.

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact the RV shop at Mast Service Center for an appointment for an alignment.

Alignment Settings

If the camber is out, the angle of the wheel as you are looking at the wheel straight on is not straight. If the top of the wheel leans away from the car, the suspension has too much camber. If the top of the wheel leans toward the car, the suspension has negative camber.

If the toe is out, the front of the wheel points to or away from the center of the car. If the wheel points to the center, you have a toe in issue. If the wheel points to the fender, you have a negative toe issue.

Caster is the angle of the pivot. Caster can’t really be seen by looking at the wheels of your vehicle, but for demonstration purposes, think of it like the front wheel of a motorcycle. A chopper that has the front wheel stretched way out in front of the frame with long forks is an example of positive caster.

Ignoring Alignments

If you ignore aligning your RV, you could do more damage to the vehicle. Additionally, RVs that are not aligned affect how much control you have over the vehicle and could affect fuel economy. Finally, the tire manufacturer might not warranty the tires if they show signs of the vehicle being driving while it was out of alignment for some time.

Contact Mast Service Center

If you believe that your RV is out of alignment, contact Mast Service Center’s auto repair shop in Etna Green IN at (574) 646-2127 for an appointment with our alignment tech. Our service technicians are certified in using the Hunter alignment rack and are also ASE Certified. We’ll determine the cause of the misalignment and make repairs as needed, then align the RV and get you back on the road as soon as possible.