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The Importance of Communication From Your Etna Green Auto Tech

When you bring your vehicle into a shop for repairs and have no idea what is wrong, you probably wait with bated breath for the bad news that it will cost hundreds. You feel you are at the mechanic’s mercy since you do not know what is going on. Not at Mast Service Center. We believe in communication, especially with our customers. That means we diagnose your vehicle, check everything over, and call you before working on it. We believe that communication with our customers is just as important as the work we do. Without communication, a great job becomes just a good job.

If your vehicle needs service or repair, contact Mast Service Center for an appointment or direct the tow truck driver to drop your vehicle off at our shop.

Communication From the Customer

Let us know what symptoms you hear or see when you bring your vehicle in. It will help us diagnose the problem faster. Does it crank over but not start, or do you hear a click when you try to start it? When your car shut off while you were going down the highway, did it just shut off like someone turned the key off, or did it sputter before it shut off? Does the noise you hear sound like it’s coming from the front, back, or middle of the car? The left or right side?

You might think this information isn’t essential, but it could significantly shorten our diagnostic time if we know where to look. Clues such as how the vehicle shuts off tell us if it might be an electrical, ignition, or fuel issue.

Communication From the Mechanic

There’s nothing more annoying to a customer to get a phone call where the mechanic says, “You need brakes, and it’s going to cost $500. Do you want us to do the work?” Since we believe in communicating, we will tell you precisely what brake repair you need and why. And, we will explain what happened to your vehicle’s brakes and why you need rotors and calipers in addition to the brake pads you thought you needed. We will also outline the cost of each part and explain why we need to replace the parts. We can even send pictures of the damaged, destroyed, or worn parts to you.

An Etna Green IN Mechanic With Communication Skills

Believe it or not, all of our auto technicians have excellent communication skills – at least at the shop. When you need to know what is wrong with your vehicle, we will explain it to you – hopefully in a way that doesn’t make your eyes glass over with confusion. Photos help show you what is wrong.

We want to ensure that you understand what is happening, including whether the issue is something you need to repair now for safety reasons or whether it could wait a few weeks. We also check over your entire vehicle and warn you of upcoming maintenance or repairs that we notice.

If you need service or maintenance for your vehicle, including brake repair in Etna Green, IN, contact Mast Service Center for an appointment. If your car broke down, direct the tow truck driver to drop it off, then call us when your vehicle is on the way.