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Engine Overhauls in Etna Green, IN

When your engine fails, you have a few choices. You can buy a new vehicle, which is costly, or you could either buy a new or used engine or have Mast Service Center overhaul your engine. Generally, engine overhauls are the least expensive option unless you find a used engine. However, used engines are a risky proposition, especially for fleet vehicles.

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What Can Go Wrong?

If you take care of your vehicle’s engine, it can eventually wear out after hundreds of thousands of miles. Gas engines have been known to last upwards of 400,000 miles, and diesels can last longer.

However, an engine has tons of moving parts, and they tend to wear out over time. The tolerances inside an engine are very tight and the constant heat friction from moving, even though the parts are coated with oil, tends to wear those parts out.

If you let your vehicle’s engine get low on oil, or if you don’t change the oil as you should, the engine will wear out faster. You could also overheat the engine, which significantly shortens its lifespan.

Internal Engine Failures

Some of the engine failures we see in our auto repair shop include:

  • Broken rings.
  • Crumbled pistons.
  • Broken head gaskets.
  • Bent rods.
  • Damaged wrist pins.
  • Bent pushrods.
  • Worn springs.
  • Worn crank bearings.
  • Worn camshaft bearings.
  • Worn main bearings.

When you have a problem with your vehicle’s engine, we can rebuild it, or we can find you a new or used engine.

Partial Overhauls

We can also do partial overhauls. For example, if you have worn crank bearings, we can turn the crank and replace the bearings. Or, if you bent a rod, we can just overhaul the bottom end. However, we do recommend doing a complete overhaul since we have to pull the entire engine anyway.

The Benefits of an Engine Overhaul

An engine overhaul is less expensive than replacing the engine unless you find a used engine. However, with a used engine, you still have an engine with a lot of miles on it, and it could fail sooner rather than later. Furthermore, you do not know how the previous owner took care of the engine – he or she could have missed many oil changes.
With an engine overhaul, everything inside the engine is new, including:

  • Turned crank or new crank.
  • New main and rod bearings.
  • New pistons and rings.
  • New wrist pins on the old rods, unless you want new rods.
  • New pushrods (where applicable).
  • New valves.
  • New camshaft.
  • New springs.
  • New lifters (where applicable).
  • All new gaskets for the head, water pump, exhaust manifold and intake manifold.

Additionally, all parts that we reuse, such as the heads and the block, are hot tanked to clean them.

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If you need an engine overhaul, contact our ASE Certified mechanics at Mast Service Center for an appointment or schedule an appointment to discuss what you need, including upgrading some parts for more horsepower and torque.

Client Testimonials:


“Mast Service Center in Etna Green does a terrific job in assisting me in keeping Borkholder Buildings company vehicles in excellent running condition. Also, for those who are not aware Mast also performs service work on forklifts as well. Their repairs are always completed on time and done correctly on the first visit to the shop.”

- Eric


“The team did a great job on my 1997 F250 with the 7.3 L Turbo Diesel. I had a fuel leak, and in the process of fixing it they noticed a couple of fuel lines that were cracking and needed replacement.”

- Bill

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