8608 North State Road 19, Etna Green, IN 46524

About Mast Service Center

Mast Service Center began with in Etna Green in 2005 with two auto mechanics at the helm. Now, with a team of ASE-Certified auto mechanics and diesel mechanics on board, we have become a trusted source for auto repair and fleet service in the region, whether you own a conventional passenger vehicles or a decked-out RV. We are not going to rest on our laurels anytime soon. We’re always seeking out new training and cutting-edge equipment so that Mast Service Center’s growing team of technicians can provide the finest and most complete auto repair services in Etna Green and the surrounding communities.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Mast Service Center is simple: “it’s about trust.” Our auto and diesel mechanics are serious about a transparent process that allows you to make informed decisions about auto repair and fleet services, whether you need an oil change or an alignment for your big rig. Once you’ve worked with us, we’re confident that you’ll be recommending Mast Service Center to others.

At Mast Service Center, we do our best to ensure your experience with us is convenient and stress-free. Our waiting room has wifi, couches, and snacks, so that you can feel at home and be productive while our technicians are working. We also provide free loaner cars, and if you can’t make it to our Etna Green shop, we’ll even pick up passenger vehicles from your house and return them when we’ve finished service. If you’ve got a big rig or RV that’s broken down, we’ve got a mobile service unit that will send a qualified diesel mechanic to get you back on the road.

We’re proud of how Mast Service Center has grown, and we are excited for what the future holds. Our auto mechanics steadily built up many trusting customers, and we look forward to adding you to the list once you’ve paid our Etna Green shop a visit. Just listen to the words of many of our satisfied auto repair and fleet service clients in our reviews page, like this one from Larry:

“Service was fast and accurate. Price was as quoted. No problem recommending them to my friends.”

If you’ve got a need for auto repair, don’t delay any longer. Give Mast Service Center a call. Our auto mechanics are ready for you, and our mobile service unit is willing to send a diesel mechanic to your big rig. Schedule an appointment today for both auto repair and fleet service. Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19 in Etna Green, IN 46524. For honest, complete, and quick auto repair, Mast Service Center won’t let you down.

The Mast Service Center Team:

Leonard Mast


Leonard is the proud owner of MSC. He started this business in December 2005 with the goals of providing a great place for employees to work, and to be a blessing to the community and to customers! Interesting facts about Leonard: he is a great father to his five girls and grandpa to his grandson. He enjoys woodworking and building cool things for his family. He is a serious off-roader and can ride a four-wheeler like a pro! Leonard stays busy performing administrative duties and helping the mechanics out in the shop. He loves research and development and tackling hard problems in the shop.


HD Technician

Ray has been working at MSC since 2014! He works as a HD technician. Interesting facts about Ray: he loves spending time with his family (especially his granddaughter☺), and he enjoys hunting for mushrooms and woodworking. Meeting truck drivers and working on their equipment as well as the continued training available to him is something he likes about his job. MSC appreciates Ray’s years of trucking experience. Ray has training in airbrakes and heavy duty alignments.



Wendell has been working as a HD technician at MSC since 2014. He is trained in HD alignments and Spartan Motor Chassis. An interesting fact about Wendell: he has his CDL! Wendell enjoys engine teardowns, rebuilds, and any kind of chassis work. He also says he enjoys, “The great group of people to work with.” MSC appreciates Wendell’s ability to tackle any type of work from major engine repairs to drivelines and alignments. He has a knack for anything that needs fabrication.



Micah has been employed at MSC since 2019. He is a HD technician. His work ranges from oil changes to diagnostics. He enjoys hunting, wrenching on projects at home, camping, playing sports in the summer, and trying to figure out problematic vehicles. He says about MSC, “Good group of guys to work with and for. MSC does what they can to enable success in my career, and to improve my skills as a tech and push me to improve in all areas of life.” MSC appreciates Micah’s skill with Class 8 trucks and his optimistic attitude!



Eric has been employed at MSC since 2010. He diagnoses and performs repairs. He specializes in drivability and electrical faults. An interesting fact about Eric: he won Top Tech Award at Unique Training Solutions in 2019! Eric enjoys his career at MSC because of the people and culture. He also enjoys, “The clean, well lit shop with the latest tools and equipment to get the job done!” MSC appreciates Eric’s commitment to being the best in the diagnostic field and the time he has invested in training!



Jamie has been working as a technician at MSC since 2010! Interesting facts about Jamie: He hiked the Colorado Trail in 2016, he enjoys building self bows, and he is an unwilling, amateur cat farmer:) He enjoys working at MSC because of the people and the friendly environment. MSC appreciates Jamie’s commitment to being very professional in taking care of customer vehicles. He is great at suspension, brakes, and anything mechanical! Ask Jamie for his joke of the day!



Caleb has been working as a diesel mechanic at MSC since 2023. Interesting fact about Caleb: he recently graduated from the University of Northwestern Ohio! He says, “What I enjoy most about working at MSC is my co-workers and their willingness to help me learn and better myself as a mechanic. MSC appreciates Caleb’s ability to learn quickly and his fast smile!



Cameron has been employed at MSC since 2022. He works as a light duty mechanic. He enjoys spending his free time horseback riding and weightlifting! He says he is grateful to work with professionals that he can learn from and that will push him to take on new and challenging opportunities! MSC appreciates his ability to learn quickly. He has invested a lot into starting his career at MSC!


Service Advisor

Matt has been working at MSC as a HD service advisor since 2014. Matt is good at working with customers and building relationships. Some interesting facts about Matt: he loves to grill for his family, he once was a licensed firefighter in 3 states, and he once caught a 10 ft. shark! Matt enjoys working with his team at MSC and having cookouts with everyone in the shop. In his own words, “It’s great to be part of a professional shop where ‘we get it done’, keep customers happy, and enjoy the new challenges each day brings.” MSC is thankful for his years of experience and willingness to work with customers!


Service Advisor

Carter has been working at MSC since 2022 as a service advisor. Interesting facts about Carter: he enjoys playing golf and basketball on his free days! In his own words, “I enjoy the culture and the friendly environment that I experience when I come to work every day.” MSC appreciates how Carter deals with customers. He is good at connecting and relating to people!


Service Advisor

Dylan has been employed at MSC since 2022. He works as a service advisor. Some interesting facts about Dylan: he enjoys riding his motorcycle, jet skiing, and golfing in his spare time! He says, “I enjoy the fun, calm atmosphere throughout the shop.” MSC appreciates Dylan’s friendly personality while working with customers and fellow employees. He is good at communicating which is essential for his job!


Service Advisor

Tanya has been employed at MSC since 2012! She is a HD service advisor. Some interesting facts about her: she won some art awards in high school, plants are her newest passion, and she loves riding four wheelers/dirt bikes! She says, “MSC is the best place to work! I really appreciate Leonard’s values as a leader for our amazing team. His motto of God first, family second and career third creates a fun, positive and balanced work environment.” MCS appreciates Tanya’s dedication to taking care of customers with a smile.


Service Advisor

JaLynn has been working as a HD service advisor at MSC since 2023. Interesting facts about JaLynn: he is an adrenaline junkie who enjoys skydiving and racing; he likes kayaking, catfishing, and drinking beer by the fire on the river. He is also a talented singer (as long as he is in his truck and the radio is louder than his voice!) He says, “I enjoy being part of a group of people who enjoy helping others, whether it’s customers or the people working around and with them. They serve the best they can. I also like that everyone has a desire to do whatever they do at a high level.” MSC appreciates his goal to improve efficiency in his area of work and that he doesn’t give up till the problem is solved!


Parts Manager

Brooke has been at MSC since 2017. She is parts manager, a parts runner, and helps wherever is needed. Something interesting about Brooke: she always dreamed of being a mechanic, which she got to spend several summers doing before she became parts manager. She loves cooking, gardening, and being with family. She enjoys working at MSC because she gets to work for her dad (owner, Leonard) and she enjoys all of her co-workers’ great jokes throughout the day! MSC appreciates Brooke’s excellent organizational skills and willingness to help out the service advisors wherever needed.



Cassie has been working part time at MSC since 2016. She does the shop’s bookkeeping. Interesting fact about Cassie: she loves being a stay at home mom to her son, Noah, on the days she isn’t in the shop. She enjoys working at MSC because she gets to work with her family, and she enjoys the really cool Christmas gifts Leonard gives the employees. MSC appreciates Cassie’s accurate and organized bookkeeping abilities!

If you have any auto repair questions, contact us at our Etna Green shop. We proudly service many vehicles from the following cities and towns: Bremen, Nappanee, Etna Green, Bourbon, Inwood, Plymouth, La Paz, Milford, Leesburg, Warsaw, Mentone, Talma, Rochester, and Argos.

Whether we meet because you needed one of our diesel mechanics to help you on the side of the road, or you pull up to our shop, our auto mechanics are happy to help. In any case, once you’ve worked with us, we’re confident you’ll join our other satisfied clients in recommending Mast Service Center. Schedule an appointment today. Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19 in Etna Green, IN 46524.