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Mobile Services vs. Towing in Etna Green, IN: Which is Better?

When your truck breaks down on the road, you have two choices: Wait for a tow then someone to fix it, or call a truck technician for mobile services for big rigs.

US 30 runs through Etna Green, IN. This gives many trucks a route to and from Chicago to points east, including Warsaw.

While you hope that your big rig doesn’t break down, sometimes it happens. The mobile services techs at Mast Service Center are ready to help truckers that break down.


When waiting for a tow truck, sometimes you have a good long wait, depending on how busy the tow company is.

To add to the issue, not every tow company has a truck large enough to haul a semi to a repair shop. This makes the wait on the road longer.

The tow truck then has to tow your truck to a truck mechanic. That takes a bit, depending on how close you are. More waiting.

And you have even more waiting while the tech is working on the truck. If the problem is minor, something that might have taken an hour to fix can turn into a day’s worth of waiting.

All this downtime messes up the trucker’s schedule because of the hours-of-service regulations. And it delays the delivery further.

Add the fuel surcharge and parts and labor, and the final bill will blow your top. There is a better way, though. You can be on the road sooner if you use mobile services.

Mobile Services

If you break down near Etna Green, IN (including Warsaw, Bourbon, Plymouth, Nappanee, South Bend, Walker, New Paris, Goshen, Elkhart, and Breemin), our ASE Certified technicians can get to you for minor repairs.

We use only quality parts. We are a NAPA auto care truck center. Our techs have experience repairing not only trucks but also trailers.

A few of the repairs we can make on the road include:

  • Repairing lights
  • Tire changes
  • Some exhaust repairs
  • Batteries and battery cables
  • Air filters
  • Adjust brakes
  • Update control modules
  • Repair air systems
  • Change belts and pulleys
  • Hydraulic system repairs
  • Water pumps
  • Starters
  • Trailer connections
  • Some welding
  • Landing gear repairs
  • Replace or repair hoses
  • Brake pads, rotors, and calipers


This list of mobile services we can provide is by no means comprehensive. You’ll save hours of waiting when using mobile services for big rigs from Mast Service Center in Etna Green, IN.

Unlike towing, you don’t have a fuel surcharge. You waste less time sitting on the side of the road waiting for someone to help.

Contact Mast Service Center

If you break down on the road, you need a shop that provides mobile services, has excellent communication, uses quality parts, and has certified service technicians.

We believe that communication is one of the most important parts of customer service. We arrive when we say we will arrive, as we know that your time is important.

Contact Mast Service Center at (574) 646-2127 when you need quality and quick mobile services to get back on the road.