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4 Things to Check in Cars, Trucks, and RVs This Fall

Fall is the time to do extra maintenance on your vehicles to ensure they make it in the next few months without causing too much trouble. Whether you drive the vehicle through cold conditions or store it in your garage, car, truck, and RV maintenance services are all important.

The following vehicle maintenance tips are applicable year-round but more so this fall. Here are four things you should check in your car, truck, or RV.

1. Brakes and Tires

You should check the brakes and tires, especially if you plan on traveling this fall. Whether on your car or RV, ensure the brakes will last through the trip and that the tires have enough tread. On RVs that sit for a while, you also need to check the tires for dry rot and other issues.

Mast Service Center Inc. in Etna Green, IN has the equipment to check and change tires, brakes, and wheel alignments on various vehicles, including large trucks and RVs.

2. The Radiator’s Coolant

Most people know how to check the coolant. However, many need to realize that testing the coolant is also important.

Glycol, the ingredient in antifreeze, prevents freezing and seal damage. It also prevents overheating. If the glycol concentration is incorrect, the engine block could freeze, the engine’s interior will rust over time, and the seals will degrade.

The check also tests for pH and corrosion and alerts the auto technician to upcoming problems with the cooling system.

3. The Heating System and Defroster

Another system to check as part of fall vehicle maintenance is the heating system. It is crucial as you don’t want to get cold while driving.

On a cold day, you may find yourself reaching over the dash to clear the condensation on the inside of the windshield if the defroster doesn’t work. So, before it gets too cold, ensure the heater and defroster are working properly.

4. Battery

Another piece that people don’t think often is the battery. And for RVs and some large trucks, they usually have more than one battery.

Batteries don’t do well in the cold, especially in temperatures below freezing. The cold will slowly drain the battery unless you drive a vehicle daily.

If the battery is near the end of its warranty, consider replacing it. At the least, hook it to a battery tender (trickle charger) to keep it from depleting itself in the cold months. That way, your vehicle will start when you’re ready to drive.

Contact Mast Service Center Inc. for Your Vehicle Maintenance Needs This Fall

These fall vehicle maintenance tips will help keep your vehicles safe during fall (and until winter). If you need fall maintenance or other manufacturer-recommended services, do not hesitate to contact Mast Service Center Inc. in Etna Green, IN.

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