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Seasonal Maintenance for Cars, Heavy Trucks, and RVs in Etna Green IN

Whether you’re trying to get in a few more RV adventures or just need to keep your commuters and work rigs going, it’s time for fall car care – and we’re here to help. At Mast Service Center, we handle all the seasonal maintenance and repair services that cars, heavy trucks, and RVs need. We can even prepare your whole fleet for the changing weather. No matter what you drive, you can count on our team to provide the following services in preparation for autumn.

Start with a Thorough Inspection

Your fall car care journey should always start with a thorough inspection. As we look over your vehicle from nose to tail, our techs will jot down notes, take pictures, and grab videos of everything they find. With that move, they can let you know just what services are due so that you can stay safe on all your travels.

Get Your Tire Services Done

Since your tires are your only contact with the ground, their service comes first. You’ll need to have your tires inspected for excessive wear and damage that could compromise their performance in rainy weather. Your tech will then let you know if you need tire repairs or replacement services at that time. On top of that, we can rotate your tires and complete a wheel alignment to ensure even wear and maximize handling.

Have a Tech Look Over Your Brakes

Wet weather can severely impact your ability to stop your vehicle on demand, especially while piloting big rigs. Brake wear makes matters much worse, of course, so it’s essential to have them looked over at the start of the fall season. As your trusted Etna Green, IN auto repair tech, we will measure the rotors and pads – or drums and shoes – to confirm they’re in spec. If not, we’ll recommend all the right brake services to restore your stopping power before the rainy days arrive.

Don’t Forget Wipers and Lights

While looking over your vehicle from nose to tail, we’ll check the condition of your windshield wipers and lights. Your wipers can benefit from replacement every six months, mainly if you use them often. As for your lights, we’ll not only replace the bulbs as needed but also recommend headlight restoration if the lenses look cloudy. By performing that service, your mechanic can remove the oxidation on the lens and make your lights shine brightly once again.

Need Seasonal Maintenance in Etna Green, IN?

When it comes time to complete your seasonal maintenance, just call 574-646-2127 to speak with our team at Mast Service Center. As your top spot for auto repair in Etna Green, IN, we can handle all your fall car care, preventative maintenance, and repair services. You just have to make an appointment to ensure we have room on the schedule and then bring your vehicle down for service. We look forward to helping you get all your vehicles ready for the fall season, so please give us a call today.