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2023 Another Critical Year for Fleet Maintenance

Supply chain disruptions. Foreign currency stability. Staffing challenges. High fuel costs. Inflation. 2022 has been a wild ride for fleet businesses. Some experts think some (if not all) of these things will continue to hound the trucking industry and fleet businesses in 2023.

Moreover, according to Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research, a recession is looming this year. This may push businesses to allocate less money towards a few things usually thought of as not “critical.” Like fleet maintenance. 

But stakeholders should know that maintenance shouldn’t be at the bottom of the priority list. Why? 

As businesses will likely continue having challenges getting new trucks and other vehicles (mainly due to parts supply issues), they would have no choice but to continue their current ones. These vehicles are usually past their normal trade cycle and already have more miles on them. 

Such things highlight the need for more preventative fleet maintenance. Good thing, we at Mast Service Center Inc. are ready to provide the services needed by your fleet to continue operating. 

Here are a few reasons why businesses shouldn’t forego fleet maintenance

1. Reduce Overall Costs

It may look counterintuitive, but spending money on maintenance can save businesses money. 

One, they can reconsider buying new vehicles at another time. Two, components that are nearing imminent failure are immediately repaired or replaced before they turn into expensive repairs. 

Moreover, timely and regular maintenance is less costly than emergency repairs. For instance, periodic oil changes or tune-ups are simpler (and cheaper!) than more complex engine repairs or replacements. 

2. Help Optimize Fuel Efficiency

Fuel can be a big chunk of any business expense, especially with the rising fuel costs nowadays. Thus, every step—no matter how trivial they may appear—can go a big way in maximizing any vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 

Having regular fleet maintenance can help you achieve that. In fact, one can boost fuel efficiency by 40% this way.

3. Extended Lifespan & Lesser Breakdowns

Properly maintaining your fleet vehicles ensures you’ll get more out of them. You get to extend their lifespan beyond their normal trade cycle. You also avoid unexpected breakdowns. 

These things highlight the importance of maintenance. Well-maintained vehicles are more likely to be on the road for a long time, especially for those with already high mileage. 

4. Drive Up Revenues

Customers expect businesses to be reliable. But if you continue missing your delivery schedules due to old trucks or vans constantly breaking down, it will lead to significant losses to your business. 

To make matters worse, you may still need a budget for a new fleet or have difficulty ordering new vehicles due to supply disruptions. So, your best option is to operate the current vehicles you have and keep them well-maintained. 

Go to Mast Service Center Inc. for Your Fleet Maintenance Needs in Etna Green, IN

2022 has been quite a challenging year for fleet businesses—and many experts forecast the situation will continue in 2023. If the trend continues or not, it’s best to be prepared. And you can never go wrong by performing maintenance on your current roster of fleet vehicles. 

With so much riding on your trucking and fleet business, our team at Mast Service Center Inc. is here to help. We can help you set up a robust maintenance schedule and perform the services as required. 

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