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Fleet Maintenance & Why It is Important

When you have a fleet of vehicles in Etna Green, IN, it is important to ensure they are adequately maintained for efficiency and safety. 

Whether your fleet is one-ton trucks, light-duty trucks, or passenger cars, your fleet is your livelihood. If vehicles are out of service because of repairs, you are not earning money but also spending more.

Mast Service Center Inc. in Etna Green, IN provides fleet maintenance and repair for your car and truck fleet. With regular fleet maintenance, you’ll catch worn parts before they can do additional damage. 

Fleet Maintenance Services

Fleet cars and trucks need maintenance, just like personal vehicles. They should be maintained more often because of severe driving conditions (usually above-average miles per week). 

We offer the following fleet services in Etna Green, IN:

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5 Reasons Fleet Maintenance is Important

When one fleet vehicle goes down, you lose money, especially when you do not have a replacement vehicle. Some reasons fleet maintenance is important in Etna Green, IN include:

1. Scheduling

You don’t want your entire fleet to be in maintenance simultaneously. Our service managers in Etna Green, IN can help you schedule regular fleet maintenance. This way, you only lose the least amount of time maintaining the vehicles.

2. Breakdown Prevention

When you bring your fleet to Mast Service Center in Etna Green, IN, we inspect vehicles while they are on the lift. We try to catch upcoming repairs before they leave your fleet employees stranded.

3. Extended Lifespan

Fleet vehicles will have an extended lifespan when you allow us to maintain your vehicles, preventing unexpected breakdowns. Keeping vehicles maintained ensures that you get more out of your fleet vehicles.

4. Lower Repair Costs

When you repair components before they can cause additional damage, you’ll save money. For example, replacing brake pads before they destroy the rotors often saves you hundreds.

5. Increased Safety

When your fleet vehicles are in good condition, they have fewer chances of breaking down on the roads. If your fleet driver breaks down in the wrong spot, it could lead to injuries or worse scenarios. 

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Mast Service Center Inc. is your go-to repair shop if you have a fleet that needs maintenance in Etna Green, IN. Our mechanics have extensive experience working on big rigs as well as smaller fleet vehicles.

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