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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. When it comes to this lovey-dovey holidays, it’s wise to stick with gifts that the recipient loves. If you have an automobile enthusiast in your life, think outside the box, get creative and give them something unique that they’ll be grateful for. Here are some suggestions:

Bluetooth Headset or Adapter

This is the ideal present for not only an automobile lover, but also for a person who spends quite a bit of time driving. A Bluetooth speaker allows the driver to be safe and hands-free which is appealing to most drivers.

Maintenance Items

Individual maintenance items like windshield washer fluid isn’t a glamorous gift. However, if you add more helpful items and wrap it in a nice basket, you’ve created a gift most car enthusiasts would be excited about. You can include rags for drying, car wash formula, and windshield wipers. This is perfect for someone who enjoys detailing their vehicle.

Satellite Radio

This is a wonderful gift for the driver who has a lengthy commute or loves taking trips. A drive is much more fun with the right tunes playing. Satellite radio is simple to install and gives the driver a wide array of stations that will pique your sweetheart’s tastes.

Remote Car Starter

This is a particularly good gift if you live in a colder part of the country. In 2018, you don’t need to be in your car to start it. Who wouldn’t want to get into a car that’s already pre-heated??

Race Tickets

Grab some tickets for the Indy 500 and Daytona 500  – or even a local events that are smaller. You and your sweetheart are sure to have a lasting experience from this event.

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