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Even if you have no children or a single pet, it’s still so easy for the interior of your vehicle to get, well… you know… kind of gross. And no one likes gross, but also no one likes to fork out a lot of money in order to get it really clean. Guess what? You probably don’t have to if you’re willing to put in a little time and some good old fashioned elbow grease. If you’re a millennial (or newer), you may not be familiar with that phrase, but I know you can Google it!

  1. Make up brushes work great to clean out the vents, but use a new one. And don’t “borrow” one from the female of the house. She won’t be pleased.
  2. Pet hair or people hair: either one tends to get left behind and add to the unnecessary debris. Easy peasy fix: spray bottle with just water, lightly spray surface, use a squeegee to wipe the upholstery down. The hair, with the help of the slight moisture, will cling to the squeegee. And wa la!
  3. After step 2, use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to get up the stains. Liberally apply the paste to the stains and rub them out with a toothbrush (also not a good idea to “borrow” one from a housemate). When it’s dry, vacuum up the remains. If the stain is persistent, you can try this a couple of times and should see a vast improvement.  
  4. Coconut oil is a great way to keep your cars interior clean, shiny, and moisturized. A little goes a long way, but don’t skimp. It’s great on the dash, steering wheel, console, and even the seats as long as they aren’t fabric. But you probably could have figured out that part. The only problem with coconut oil is that it may make you want to take a vacation to Hawaii or Fiji. While you may not get a vacation out of it, you will decrease the likelihood of your interior cracking.
  5. ​Silicone cupcake liners is a pure genius hack that will fit into your cup holders to make them MUCH easier to clean out in the future. Just make sure they don’t have any cupcake remnants left behind. Unless, of course, you’re hoping for a snack later.

Well, if these simple and inexpensive (don’t use the expensive makeup brush) hacks don’t make your car look and smell better, then it might be time to invest in a professional detail. The team at Mast Service Center hopes you find these helpful. Let us know if you have other great DIY hacks!

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