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Make sure your vehicle is looking and running well as we move into the spring. Here are some automobile cleaning tips that will help you feel more comfortable in a clean safe car as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer:

1) The Trunk: Clean out that winter mess from your trunk. This is also the right time to be certain that your spare tire is in optimal condition should you need it down the line. It’s also smart to make sure you have a stocked up emergency kit. If you’re a clean freak, you might also want to vacuum.

2) Carpeting and Upholstery: Rock salt debris, dirt, and mud can pull a number on your vehicle. Washing down the seats with a damp towel will do the job. Also, consider using a carpet cleaning machine.

3) The Exterior Body: A solid spring car washing can remove the winter grime that often gets stuck under the edges and in cracks. Wash down your vehicle with a mild detergent and soft towel to bring back its sparkle.

4) The Windows: Give those windows some special loving attention after a long winter. Use a window cleaner to wipe outside and inside of your car’s windows. Be sure to shine them with a dry towel!

5) The Wheels: Spring is the perfect time to tighten up any loose lug nuts and check tire pressure. You should also scrub those wheels down. (Just be sure to remove hubcaps before you begin washing.)

6) Under the Hood: Dirt, leaves, and debris can get into the engine area so be sure to see what’s happening under the hood. In most cases, you’ll be fine just wiping down the edges. If it’s very dirty, consider having a professional clean your engine.

7) Replace Wipers: Harsh winter conditions can wear out your windshield wipers. You’ll want to have wipers in good condition before those heavy spring showers take place.

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