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With winter approaching, it’s smart to be mindful if your car has tires that suit the weather conditions that you live it. A general rule of thumb is that’s it’s seriously worth getting winter tires if you reside in a region that drops below 40 degrees in the winter. Mast Service Center wants you to be prepared and safe in a car for the colder season. Below is some information on snow tires VS regular tires that can guide you in making a choice that is right for you.

Having winter tires can enhance braking performance in snowy & icy conditions. They work well in an array winter condition – ice, snow, slush, sleet and even on roads that are dry and cold. They have tread designs made for winter conditions because it has a special tread rubber that stays flexible at freezing temperatures for better car control. Also, it reduces the build-up of snow. Many drivers are at ease knowing that they have tires designed to handle the challenging winter weather conditions. The biting edges of the treads have more traction on icy and wet roads.

All-season tires offer traction and a tight grip in winter weather conditions. They are designed to offer even treadwear and stable handling in dry and wet conditions. They do offer traction in a wide array of weather conditions but winter tires beat them when it comes to ice, sleet, and snow. All-season tires have a tread life that generally lasts longer than tires that are created for warmer conditions. They have a low rolling resistance, which saves energy and you end up getting much better gas mileage. You shouldn’t use winter tires in the summer because they are meant for ice and snow for a secure grip. The tread rubber on tires intended for winter is softer than all-season tires that wear out quickly on warm streets, leading to needing to be replaced more often.

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