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Experts say self-driving cars, aren’t that far off.

Autonomous cars, also known as driverless cars or self-driving cars, can obey traffic laws, sense the environment, work around obstacles, and reach your desired destination. Welcome to the future!

Experts are saying that we’re just a few years away from this reality. Many significant car manufacturers already have semi-autonomous technologies in their cars, providing features such as adaptive cruise control, lane assist, and parallel parking capabilities. Google has been testing driverless cars and started allowing people to try out autonomous vehicle vehicles in Phoenix.

Tesla’s electric vehicles are already on the autonomous bandwagon with cars with autopilot features. The automobile can automatically steer down the freeway, adjust speed, and change lanes. it can even search for that perfect parking space. Toyota has presented the e-Palette concept car, a driverless automobile that the business sees being used for ride-hailing and deliveries.

By 2020, It’s predicted that close to 10 million cars with self-driving abilities will be on the streets. To be expected, there are a few obstacles to overcome before we see major shifts in this change in driving as we know it. Insurance and liability questions, legislative barriers,  and cybersecurity concerns are being worked with. The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that could speed up self-driving cars with the Self Drive Act. The Senate is currently working with legislation that is similar.

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