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2020 is being called the Dumpster Fire Year. One of the most popular Christmas tree ornaments this year was a flaming dumpster. It’s been a rough, challenging year for most, with pandemic, wildfires, unrest, and food and toilet paper shortages. 

But for many people, good things also happened in 2020. Kids were born. People got married. Life carried on in the midst of all that chaos. We did our best to protect ourselves and our families as the year rolled by, and though not everyone has made it, we’re grateful for the ones that did.

As we begin in 2021, there are challenges ahead that are frightening. The economy is now in a downturn and we are headed for recession. We don’t know how long it will be yet until everyone receives the needed vaccine for COVID-19. There’s a lot more to weather in 2021. 

But looking back at 2020, the terrible year we’ve had should teach us that we’re not done yet, and not to surrender to doom and gloom. We will continue to work together as a community, a country, and a species to survive and thrive. Human beings are inventive and adaptive, and we may yet conquer our fears and find our way. The important issue is always to see the troubles and come to terms with them without rancor. 

Regardless of how the challenges of 2021 hit us, it’s always best to know what’s coming and to plan for it when we can. If you have been overlooking preventative maintenance for your car, think of this as the opportunity to get it right, Schedule an appointment with our auto mechanics who will assess your car’s condition and help you plan and budget for 2021’s needs. We’re located at 8608 North State Road 19, Etna Green, IN 46524, and it’s our pleasure to serve your needs.