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A Look at Getting RV Repairs at Mast Service Center in Gretna IN

While on the road in your RV, you have to keep up on maintenance and inspections to avoid getting stranded along the way. During those services, you count on your skilled technicians to pinpoint problems and resolve them before they result in catastrophic failure of key components.

At Mast Service Center, we pride ourselves on being able to prevent minor to major problems for our clients. In fact, we were recently given the opportunity to do just that when Izzy with Endless RVing came through. Here’s how that went down.

The Arrival of Izzy and Nelli

As a blogger and YouTuber, Izzy regularly travels around the nation in his RV, lovingly dubbed Nelli. When he ended up in Etna Green, IN, and spotted our shop, he decided to roll through for an inspection and maintenance services.

During the inspection, he wanted us to look into why Nelli was making a clunking noise while driving down the road. In addition, he let us know that the RV felt a little bit unstable through the turns. Our skilled tech got to work looking over the vehicle from nose to ta with that information in mind. They started with the obvious culprits, the steering and suspension systems. Upon determining all the parts were in good condition, they examined all the other possibilities while getting the maintenance services out of the way.

A Look at the Cause and Services Performed

Through a thorough inspection, our technician tracked down the clunking to a jack footpad that was recently replaced through a thorough inspection. Since it was the wrong foot for that model of RV, it did not seat properly and clunked around as Nelli maneuvered down the roadways.

Although that solved part of the complaint, it did not explain why Izzy felt a little bit of instability around corners. So, through additional investigative work, our tech found that the rear wheel seal was leaking differential fluid at an alarming rate. The cause? Loose spindle nuts were likely causing the RV to feel less than stable through the turns.

By fixing that up, not only did our technician restore the drivability and safety of the RV but also protected the rear differential from catastrophic failure. If it had leaked out all its fluid on the road, the differential would have likely failed, leaving Izzy looking for a tow and dealing with a significant repair bill.

Our Commitment to Quality RV Service and Repair

At Mast Service Center, we serve as the leading RV service and repair shop in Etna Green, IN. Our shop has all the right equipment and specialty tools, including computerized diagnostic equipment, needed to keep RVs in fantastic condition. We do everything from heavy vehicle alignments and RV chassis repair to diesel engine work and air conditioning service.

Whenever you come in for repairs on your RV, you can trust our team to make the experience as stress-free and approachable as possible. Our techs do digital vehicle inspections and clearly explain all their recommendations. They can even show you photos and videos as needed to describe the problem. Plus, you are welcome to stay onsite overnight and use our RV hookups if your service appointment will extend across several days.  

So, when you need RV service and repair, don’t hesitate to give our team at Mast Service Center a call at 574-907-0040. We will happily help you find a convenient time and date to bring your RV in and get it fixed upright.