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Key Signs You Need a New Set of Tires in Etna Green IN

You count on your tires to keep a firm grip on the road in all driving conditions so that you can remain relaxed and confident behind the wheel. To do that, your tires cannot be too old, worn, or damaged to perform their job. But how are you supposed to know that you’re in dire need of a new set of tires in Etna Green, IN? Just look for the following signs – or have your auto tech perform an inspection and provide their recommendations.

Low Tread and Visible Defects

The easiest way to tell if you need new tires is with a visual inspection and tread measurements. You’ll start by checking for signs of apparent defects, like cracks, bulges, and any areas that look out of shape. You can usually get tire repair near me for small punctures and other minor damage, but significant defects demand replacement.

Next, you’ll want to measure your tread depth. You can do that quite easily with a tread depth gauge. If it’s near 2/32nds, then plan to replace your tires since that’s the legal limit. Don’t have a tread depth gauge on hand? Flip a penny upside down and look at the top of Lincoln’s head. If you can see his hair, it’s time for new tires.

Advanced Tire Age

Even if you don’t drive often enough to wear down the tread, you’ll end up needing to replace your tires as the materials age. The rubber only lasts about ten years before it starts to degrade, increasing its chance of developing cracks, bulges, and other defects.

Since tires have the potential to suffer damage with every drive, plan to have your tires inspected at the five-year mark by a skilled mechanic in Etna Green, IN. If you come into the auto repair shop regularly, your tires will get a good look over much more often than that so that you can stay ahead of problems.

Drivability Issues

The slow or sudden development of drivability issues is another significant sign that you might require a new set of rubber.

As your tires start to wear down to the end of their life, you may notice:

  • An increase in road noise
  • Lots of vibrations through the steering wheel
  • Poor traction in all weather conditions

Since these issues can arise due to several problems, you’ll want to have your tech check it out before buying a new set of
tires. With a thorough digital inspection, they can determine which parts are bad and provide their repair recommendations.

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