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Most Common Brake Repair Services – and When to Come into the Shop

When it works like it should, your vehicle’s braking system doesn’t demand much thought. But the second your stopping power declines or the squealing, shuddering, and pulling starts in earnest, it’s time for a little extra consideration. Thankfully, with our Etna Green IN auto repair shop on your side, you can restore the function of your brakes with just a quick call to our team. More often than not, your braking system will need one of the following brake repair services to restore your stopping power.

Brake Pads

Each time you press down your brake pedal, the pads press against the rotors, creating tons of friction. As that happens, the pads lose material, eventually making it difficult for the caliper to fully squeeze them to the rotors. When that happens, it’s time for brake maintenance.

Brake pads typically need service when the friction material wears down to 1/10th of an inch. How long that takes depends on your vehicle type, brake pad material, and driving frequency.

Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement

Rotors also wear down with each press of the brake pedal, although they tend to last much longer than the brake pads. Once the rotor surpasses its service limits, replacement is the only way to restore the function of your brakes.

Rotors can also warp, especially if they get too hot while braking fast or from not changing the pads often enough. If that happens early in their life, then it might be possible to resurface them instead.

To find the right solution, your auto tech will measure your rotors and check their friction surface for signs of warping. They will also perform other key diagnostic services as needed to determine if any other brake services will help restore your car’s stopping power.

Master Cylinder Service

The master cylinder acts as a reservoir for the brake fluid and helps maintain the right amount of pressure in the brake lines. If any part of the system starts to leak, your braking system will lose pressure and fail to stop your car as expected.

At that point, your Etna Green IN auto repair tech must replace the master cylinder with a new one. As a part of that process, they will bleed the brakes to get air out of the system and allow it to maintain enough pressure to stop your vehicle.

When to Come into Our Etna Green IN Auto Shop for Brake Repair Services

Whether your brakes are not working as expected or you just need timely preventative repair services, you can always count on our team at Mast Service Center to help you out. We invite you to schedule your visit anytime by giving us a call at 574-907-0040 or filling out our appointment request form. Our team will help you find a convenient time to come down and can even help you get a tow to our Etna Green IN auto repair shop.