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Whether driving a few miles away to high school or travelling to a strange city to attend a University, a student’s vehicle should be prepared for the school year ahead by working on a checklist of possible issues that need to be addressed in the coming months.
The biggest recommendation is, make sure the spare tire is in place and inflated properly. You would not want your student out after dark with only three working tires. Blowouts will happen, objects will puncture tires. It’s best to teach your student how to change the tire at least once, even if they have AA coverage.
And while you’re at it, why not do a general tire check? Make sure that rotation, balance, and tread wear won’t be an issue your student will encounter alone and unprepared. Show how to check the tire’s inflation, and invest in a portable tire inflator of some kind in case they develop a slow leak.
To keep the car running in good condition for their term, make sure all the fluids are topped up and that your student knows how to manage them. You’ll want coolant in the radiator for summer, but anti-freeze before winter hits. If it’s in danger of happening during a school term away, getting an oil filter and lube now is a sound investment. Take a look at how long it’s been since the Air Conditioning was topped off, too; in some climates, AC isn’t a frivolous want, it’s a serious health need.
Go through the manual and identify the manufacturer’s repair schedule. Looking into these suggested updates by the life of your car, to determine anything that be wearing out during the next term, so you can either take care of it in advance, or plan for it to come. Air filters should be changed if it’s been a few years. Remember that parts like Timing Belts can cause mayhem if they go out in the middle of a long ride home.
Be sure to check your windows and door locks. Make sure all are functioning properly and that your student can rely on them to work when needed. This seems like a simple thing, but test it and make sure in the weeks leading up to leaving they are in the habit of locking their doors when they exit the car. Also, make sure they have a plan for how to enter the car if they accidentally lock their keys inside.
Don’t forget to check how well the auto is prepared for emergencies inside the vehicle. Be sure there’s a flashlight (would highly recommend the inclusion of a solar powered flashlight) for those moments of great need. Ypu might think it a bit extreme, but a first-aid kit can be very handy in emergencies. With COVID19 still in the population, it makes sense to stock a little hand sanitizer and seat wipes to clean up spills.
To make sure your young driver doesn’t forget these to-dos, it’s a good idea to create and review a checklist together. Get your student mentally prepared for unknown variables of driving with confidence that they can solve these potential problems as they face them.
For all the issues where professional service is best, like oil changes and keeping up with the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance, we invite you to place your trust in the Mast Service Center team. We will visually inspect your vehicle for preparedness and let you know if we see any issues that will affect your student’s car in the first term. Getting ahead of these issues is not just a good preventative measure, it is also investing in your peace of mind and your student’s confidence.

Schedule an appointment today with the highly skilled auto mechanics at Mast Service Center. Let us help you get the most out of your vehicle. Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19 in Etna Green, IN 46524. We look forward to seeing you soon!