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The weather can be a little severe in Indiana. Beautiful m but hot summers that will fry your car battery until it explodes with the beauty of snowy winters also comes the danger of icy roads and 

In last month’s blog, Preparing your Vehicle for Fall Travel, we covered all the basics of what to do to prepare for the upcoming winter with your car. We hope you took our advice about using the INDOT system to check the weather seriously, because it will help you stay safe this winter!

On the national average, there are over 5,891,000 vehicle crashes each year, according to the Department of Transportation. Approximately 21% of these crashes – nearly 1,235,000 – are weather-related. It follows that when you drive in bad weather conditions, you increase your chances of an accident greatly.

When facing bad weather, it’s important to prepare for the situation as best you can. The following steps can’t save you, but they may help you navigate the danger and determine if the risk of traveling is a wise one:

  • Be aware of your situation. Oblivious, self-involved driving is already dangerous, but doing it in adverse weather makes it deadlier. Be aware of road conditions. Use driving applications to monitor your path before you set out on your journey.  Driving applications like Google Maps and Waze can show you conditions along your route and help you plan a better one.
  • Keep your view free and clear. It pays to have a good clear view of the road at all times. Be certain that your windows are clear of frost, ice, leaves and debris before you begin. And don’t ever drive through the worst kind of weather with a crack in your windshield. Avoid any kind of dash distractions.
  • Make sure your tires are gripping the road. A good way to avoid sliding off the road is to make sure your car’s tires have the tread you need to cling to the road. Check your tires carefully before driving into uncertain weather. You need good treads, proper tire pressure, no visible damage. If any of these things are in question, you’ll want to bring it in to an auto mechanic for auto repairs or get new tires.
  • Preparedness. This is just about having the things you need on hand in an emergency. Do you have an emergency survival kit in the car? Do you have a solar-powered, hand-crank flashlight with an emergency flashing mode? Have you made a copy of your insurance card and contact information in case of an accident, so you won’t need to copy the information down in the dark?
  • Get in tune with your engine. If you’re taking the car into scary territory, you’ll want to know that you have it stocked and outfitted for the journey. Check your coolant reservoir, make sure the appropriate antifreeze is there. Make certain the oil level is right and that you’re not questionably close to time to replace the filter. 

If you need some guidance with making sure your car is safe for winter travel, don’t hesitate– bring it to Mast Service Center in Etna Green. Just click on this embedded link to schedule an appointment with an auto mechanic who will look over preparing your car for winter with an eye for what may come up in the next few months. Or give us a call at (574) 646-2127 if you have questions. We’re located at 8608 North State Road 19, Etna Green, IN 46524, and it’s our pleasure to serve your needs.