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Packing a trunk doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Whether it’s a minivan, a sedan, or a vehicle in between, it’s possible to put your items in the trunk in an organized, straightforward fashion. Here are some tips to pack in your essential cargo:

1) Get your bags organized
Believe it or not, the best way to have an organized trunk is to be sure the items in your bags are arranged. Compression bags are helpful to store things inside a suitcase. To get more into your trunk, it makes sense to first get more into your bags. Rolling your clothes not only creates space, but it also keeps your pants, shirts, and dresses wrinkle free. Packing your socks in your shoes and placing your shoes along the edges of your suitcase is a good place to start.

2) Allow everyone to have 1 bag
In addition to everyone traveling in the car to have one bag, they should also be the same size. It’s good for the children to determine what is essential. This allows for uniformity in the trunk, and no one wants to haul around several unnecessary pieces of luggage.

3) Choose soft bags
Soft bags allow conforming to the area in your trunk and let you get more things in small trunk space. If you’re going on a multi-day trip before you get to your final stop, use a single duffel bag that the entire family can share for an overnighter. There’s no need to unload several bigger bags for quick stops. Just make sure items like medications, pajamas, and bathroom items are included.

4) Use your Tetris skills
Take a look at that spare tire in the trunk. Then pack one layer of luggage around it and continue to pack around it until the tops of the luggage are level with the top of the tire. After that, pack layers on top of the spare.  This Tetris method keeps things organized and maximizes the room you have in the trunk.

5) The last bag in is the first bag out
It’s wise to be mindful of not just throwing luggage into the trunk haphazardly. Ultimately it will take up time. Put the items you’re going to utilize the most in last. Why be scrounging for that power bar or deodorant hidden in the pack. The mantra: “Last in, first out is your mantra.”

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