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Autumn is approaching, while the trees are changing color and kids are going back to school there is also a need for some fall car care. Although you may be a bit discouraged to clean your car due to rain and snow coming soon, taking care of your care is still important and it will help you get the most enjoyment out of it as possible. There’s nothing like having a clean car!

Some of our fall car care tips:

  • Clean off the debris: With autumn comes falling leaves and even more dirt from the mud that splashes up from the roads. 
  • Check your windshield wipers for cracks and other malfunctions: You will want to make sure they can do their job since harsher weather is fast approaching. Check your washer fluids and make sure to have the right solution for this time of year. Regular water with soap will freeze and do you no good.
  • Vacuum your interior: With rain comes mud and when you are getting in and out of your vehicle you are most likely tracking it in. Not to mention the leaves that stick to the bottom of your shoes! Vacuuming the inside of your vehicle whenever you can is one more good way to keep your car looking and feeling nice.
  • Waxing your car: Trying car wax this fall can be a big help in keeping your car looking new. Car wax can help shield your car from debris and the weather making it easier to clean up.
  • Check up on the important safety items as well: Checking your brake pads, tires, and fluid levels are just as important in autumn as any other time of the year. It’s one more way to ensure your vehicle is performing at optimum levels to keep you safe.

Stop on by for a check-up on your vehicle to ensure your car is prepared for the new season. Make sure to schedule an appointment today with the pros at Mast Service Center. Please note that our Breman location was closed on November 30, 2018, and our operations have migrated to our new, larger, Etna Green facility. Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19 in Etna Green, IN 46524. We look forward to seeing you soon!