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Nothing is more freeing than jumping in your car, putting your foot on the pedal, and rolling down the window to let your hair fly around during a road trip. When you take a road trip you get to experience new scenery, explore cool places, and try new things. Follow this guide to the best road trip hacks for an even better adventure. 

Since you will be in the car for a majority of the trip you will want space to stretch your legs, move around, and take a nap in a comfortable position. Invest in a rooftop cargo storage box to save space. 

Prepare for road trips by downloading a roadside assistance smartphone app, GasBuddy to find you the cheapest gas, and Waze to help you get to where you are going without traffic. 

Pack frozen water bottles in your cooler, not only will they keep your food cold you can also drink them after they are melted. It’s also a good idea to bring your own refillable water bottle, they are more durable and you won’t fill your car up with empty bottles. Pack your food in reusable containers instead of ziplock bags, they will last longer, you can reuse them, and they decrease trash. Empty peanut butter jars and creamer bottles work great for storing snacks. To keep trash in one central place add a bag to a cereal container and turn it into a mini trash can that has a sealable lid. You can empty it when you’re at a rest stop or gas station. 

Bring along a disposable camera to capture your adventure. The best part about those cameras is that they don’t need to be charged, just wind and snap a picture whenever you want. 

Get a cell phone mount for your car so you can be handsfree while reading directions or changing the song. Invest in a multi-outlet charger so everyone can charge their devices. 

Being crammed in a car without showering for a day or two can get a little smelly. Use dryer sheets as air fresheners to give your car a nice smell without the intensity of a car freshener. You can also put them in your shoes to keep them smelling good. 

If you are planning on sleeping in your car and don’t want to spend a fortune on an air mattress you can use an inflatable pool raft. It works the same as an air mattress and is waterproof! 

Before you kick off your summer full of road trips bring your car into us at Mast Service Center in Etna Green for a checkup. We will get your car road trip ready so you can enjoy the adventure without worrying about your car breaking down! Make sure to schedule an appointment today with the pros at Mast Service Center. Please note that our Breman location was closed on November 30, 2018, and our operations have migrated to our new, larger, Etna Green facility. Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19 in Etna Green, IN 46524. We look forward to seeing you soon!