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3 Signs You Need Your Alternator Replaced In Etna Green

At each startup, your alternator gets to work restoring the battery’s energy and running all the accessories. As an integral part of your car’s charging system, this part generates power as the belt spins the pulley. The rotor shaft then sends magnets rotating around a coil, transforming the mechanical energy into electricity like magic. If anything goes wrong in that process, you’ll undoubtedly notice the three following signs that it’s time for auto repair in Etna Green, IN

Dashboard Warning Light

Modern cars will immediately tell you when the charging system is acting up by displaying a red or yellow battery symbol on your dash. This dashboard warning light may point to a problem with the alternator, battery, or other parts in the system.

To figure out the exact cause, just bring your car into the shop for alternator service in Etna Green, IN. Your auto tech will check the alternator’s output and condition of the battery to figure out what’s going on.

Whining from the Engine Bay

In order to spin smoothly and generate the most power with each rotation, the alternator features bearings along the shaft at either side of the rotor. As you put the miles on your car, these bearings start to wear out, resulting in a steady whining sound coming from under your hood.

Without prompt service, the whining noise turns into a horrid growling that lets you know the alternator does not have much time left in this world. If you wait much longer than that, you’ll likely end up without working accessories and a completely dead battery. Thankfully, your auto tech can let you know if the whine is coming from the alternator or if you need a different service altogether.

Completely Dead Battery

Since the alternator only makes power while the crankshaft turns its pulley, it’s up to the battery to start the engine. Then, as the pulleys start turning, the alternator fills the battery back up with juice, so it’s ready for the next startup.

Therefore, if you come out to a dead battery, there’s a good chance that the alternator did not perform its job, which is a good sign that it’s on the way out. Sometimes, it just means you have a dead battery, however, so it’s best to have the issue checked out by a mechanic before buying any parts.

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