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Welcome to the March blog for Mast Service Center! As we enter March, we are only 20 days away from the first day of Spring. With Spring will come the blooms, and eventually, the pollen.

There are three types of pollen that trouble Etna Green: Grass Pollen, Ragweed Pollen, and Tree Pollen. And when they come, they can make it hard for allergy sufferers. Your car tends to be a trap for ragweed pollen.

The current prediction is for moderate pollen, but that could change rapidly. Take a moment to consider how you can lessen the pollen for you and your passengers by following a few handy tips:

  • Detail your car and wipe down all surfaces. 
  • Wash your car’s exterior, and be sure to vacuum the chassis.
  • Replace your air filter (car and cabin) at least once during allergy season.
  • Drive with the windows up. Use the Recirculate option on your Air Conditioning to keep as much outside air from trying to push past the air filter.

With a bit of forethought, you can save yourself ridiculous sneezing and the germs that come with it. If you need your air filter replaced, Click here to schedule an appointment with our auto mechanics. Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19, Etna Green, IN 46524. It’s our pleasure to serve your needs.