Roadside Assistance in Etna Green, IN

At Mast Service Center, we care for our customers, so we offer roadside assistance for minor problems, such as flat tires, running out of gas, dead batteries, you locked your keys in the car, and other minor issues. You can count on us to get you running again.

Call Mast Service Center at (574) 646-2127 if you are stuck on the side of the road and need help getting going again.

A roadside assistance technician fixes a flat tire on a truck.


Tires cause over 50 percent of the breakdowns on the road. However, of those, only about 15 percent are because of sudden damage. The rest of them are because of slow leaks. You should check your tires frequently to avoid getting a flat. But, when you can’t avoid a flat or hit something that pops the tire, Mast Service Center can help you change a tire.


Dead batteries are also another common incident. In some cases, it might be the battery, and in others, it could be that the alternator failed. We can get you jumped off and test the battery, then let you know if the problem is the battery or the alternator. In many cases, you’ll be able to drive to our shop in Etna Green IN to replace either part.

If the problem is just that the battery terminals are corroded, you won’t even need to come back to the auto repair shop if cleaning them takes care of the problem.


Our roadside assistance mechanic can also open the doors of some vehicles if you lock your keys inside. Even though you might be embarrassed about locking the keys in your vehicle, you’re not the only one – this is one of the more common reasons people call for roadside assistance.

You can avoid this by keeping an extra key on your person or by giving someone you trust an extra key – that person can also come and rescue you.

Other Failures

In many cases, a breakdown is caused by a mechanical failure. We can provide engine diagnostics at our shop when you break down on the road. In some cases, we might be able to repair the issue on the side of the road, depending on the problem and whether we have a part in stock.

Give the shop a call if you break down and let us know what happened. We’ll determine if it might be something we can take care of without you calling a tow truck. If not, you can call the tow truck to have your vehicle towed to us, and we’ll look at it as soon as possible – usually the same day unless it’s at the end of the day.

We also have a night drop box so the tow truck driver can leave the vehicle for you instead of towing it home and then towing it back again. Give the shop a call to let us know when the tow truck is on its way so we can look out for your vehicle.

Contact Mast Service Center at (574) 646-2127 when you need roadside assistance.