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The Crucial Role of Regular Brake Inspections for Vehicle Safety

Brake repair services near me in Etna Green, In at Mast Service Center. Image of mechanic servicing brakes on red vehicle in shop.

When it comes to vehicle safety, the braking system is paramount. At Mast Service Center in Etna Green, IN, we’re here to provide insights into why keeping up with brake inspections can save you not only a lot of money in the long run but also ensure your safety on the road. Understanding Brake Inspections […]

Smooth Driving Ahead: The Importance of Regular Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Services at Mast Service Center, Etna Green, IN. Image of hunter alignment machine in shop.

When it comes to ensuring a smooth and comfortable driving experience, few services are as crucial as proper wheel alignment. At Mast Service Center, a premier auto repair shop in Etna Green, IN, we understand the significance of alignment in the overall performance of your vehicle. Whether you’re cruising in a compact car, managing a […]

6 Things to Know About Truck Brakes

A technician holding a toolbox with blurred disc brakes in the background. Concept image of “6 Things to Know About Truck Brakes” | Mast Service Center in Etna Green, IN.

Trucks have large stopping distances, that’s why owners & drivers must ensure their truck brakes are properly functioning. And understanding key aspects[…]